HW97 Baffle Kit
Contents: 1x 19.5mm baffle, 1x 20.5mm baffle, 2x plastic cage and synthetic acoustic wadding.
**Before starting work on your gun, ensure it is uncocked, unloaded and safe. **
Undo the end cap at the muzzle of the rifle. You will need a 7mm Allen wrench. This exposes the void into which the components fit. They work by making small chambers for the air to become trapped in, dissipating energy before exiting the muzzle.

The plastic cages included can be cut to size and I suggest the first chamber be approximately half a cage in length. Cut the cage to length and cut a strip of wadding to wrap it in. I find two layers wound quite loose to work well. Put these into the void and push them down until they reach the bottom.

Next place the 19.5mm (smaller) baffle in and push it down to meet the cage. The next cage should be cut to fit the remaining space available, leaving a few mm for the second baffle which sits between the cage and end plug. Wrap this cage in the same way as the first.

Ensure the pellets flight path is free from obstruction before replacing the cap and firing.
There is plenty of material for you to experiment with, please let me know if you find a magic formula!!
Tinbum Tuning accept no responsibility for your rifles legality. After any work check your power levels with a chrono!