HW45 Instalation Guide
Drop-in Kit Contents – 2 x spring guide, 2 x slip washer
TbT Kits are designed to be used in place of factory power washers, spring guides and top hats where fitted.
Before fitting, it is recommended that all parts are placed in the piston in order. If they stand proud of the pistons rim, a small amount may be taken off the spring guides with the abrasive supplied.
A slip washer is installed into the piston first. Use a small amount of a suitable airgun grease on both sides of the washer. Next put a spring guidein the spring with a small amount of grease along its length, and put that in the piston. Place the other greased guide at the back and the second slip washer in the recess of the compression tube end plug.
Reassemble the gun and check the power. If the gun wont cock it is likely it has become spring bound. Removing the rear slip washer is the easiest way to combat this.
Tinbum Tuning accept no responsibility for your pistols legality. After any work check your power levels with a chrono!