TX200/Prosport drop in kit installation guide

TX/Prosport Drop-in Kit Contents – 1 x spring guide (long), 1 x top hat (short), 2 x slip washer (one thin, one thick), 2 x power washers (15mm hole)
Before fitting, choose the slip washer (or combo thereof) that most resembles the profile of your steel top hat. The rear guide has a retaining collar protruding from the back. Check this in the trigger block of your gun and use the abrasive strip supplied to remove any excess material until the guide sits flush on the block. Failure to do this will result in the rear guide snapping
Assemble plastic parts in the piston without the spring prior to fitting. If the rear guide isn’t sitting on the piston skirt the gun won’t cock and the guide needs to be shortened. Also check the guides fit to the spring. (Try both ends, they can differ) In the unlikely event that it doesn’t fit, simply return the kit along with your spring for a FREE OF CHARGE bespoke replacement.
TbT Kits are designed to be used in place of factory power washers, spring guides and top hats where fitted. Check carefully for the steel top hat in the front of the piston.
The slip washer is installed into the piston first, if you have made a sleeve the slip washer will hold it in place. Use a small amount of grease on the piston rod and the washer. The top hat goes in next with a small amount of grease where it is in contact with the spring. After putting the (lightly greased) spring in, put a smear of grease on the shaft of the spring guide and insert into the spring. Reassemble the gun and check the power. The supplied power washers can be used on the rear spring guide to increase power if required. Tinbum Tuning accept no responsibility
for your rifles legality.

After any work check your power levels with a chrono!