Weihrauch HW80/35 Tuning Kit


Fitted delrin spring guide with a top hat, slip washer and 2 preload washers. This kit also comes with Lithium based Molybdenum Disulphide grease and abrasive paper as well as instructions for fitting kit and piston sleeve

The standard kit is to fit either a 15.5mm or 15.8mm internal diameter spring, please check and let me know which when ordering. (15.8mm will be sent if none specified) If you are unsure please contact me, bespoke kits are also available at no extra cost.

Note: If you have a recent Hull Cartridge imported gun, please check the spring before ordering. Some guns have the incorrect spring fitted (14mmID HW77/97 spring) If this is the case, either buy one of the above Maxi or Maxi Pro kits, or buy a Hw77/97 kit which will fit your spring

Available for pre order. Delivery w/c 18th May

    • 25.95 £
    • 25.95 £
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