The TbT range of air rifle tuning kits offer an extensive range of options for all the most popular air rifles with great value for money.

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Our TbT Maxi range of kits have our guides ready fitted to our TbT Premium spring. This spring will allow the gun to run at it’s designed power, and may require shortening to meet local power restrictions. Please check your local laws for more information.

The TbT Maxi Pro kit comprises of the Maxi kit with the addition of a pot of Bum-Slide hi moly paste and a short stroke extension. The short stroke extension fits onto the front of the piston reducing the volume of air being pushed out on firing. This allows the piston to travel faster, over a shorter distance for the same power. Lock time is dramatically reduced along with recoil and hold sensitivity. It is a simple modification that takes less time to fit than it took you to read this.
These are designed primarily for the UK market and allow the gun to run better at a lower power (sub 12 ft/lb, 16j) with reduced hold sensitivity.

Short stroke extensions are also available separately.

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