New TbT Premium Springs


New TbT Premium Springs

The new TbT springs give unrivalled performance in all spring powered air rifles. As always, we are striving for the ultimate shooting experience, unlike other aftermarket springs, smoothness is the goal rather than extreme power. As a result these give a softer feel up to the UK limit and beyond when needed and legal.

The springs are made in the UK from the highest quality silicone chrome steel, all springs have been pre-compressed so they arrive at their working length, making rebuilding your rifle easier and power testing more accurate from the very start of the shot string.

Finally the springs are shot peened; thousands of tiny beads are fired at great speed onto the surface of the spring. This heals the tiny fissures and stress cracks that appear during the winding process, hardening the steel and greatly increasing the working life of the spring.
These are the best quality springs currently available!

They are available in three different lengths, 29 coils, 31 coils and 34 coils.

This spring may increase power, chrono required! Full instructions on spring shortening available in “Videos”


Please also see our Maxi and Maxi Pro kits where these springs are available with fitted guides.

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