The TbT range of air rifle tuning kits offer an extensive range of options for all the most popular air rifles with great value for money.

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The TbT guides work snugly within the TbT Premium Magnum spring to reduce spring twang, vibration and recoil at a stroke. Guides that fit the spring properly keep it under control during the firing cycle prevent it from rattling around, all metal to metal contact is eliminated.

Our TbT Maxi range of kits kit includes a TbT Premium spring, rear guide, top hat and slip washer to reduce torsional recoil, preload washers to allow some control over power output, standard molybdenum grease and a TbT sticker for your rifle. With the addition of a small amount of optional Bum-Slide hi moly paste, this will give you many thousands of quiet, maintenance free shots between services.
With the option of either the full power export spring, or a reduced length lower power spring, we have the right kit for your first steps into air rifle tuning.

The TbT Maxi Pro kit is designed primarily for the UK market and allows the gun to run better at a lower power (sub 12 ft/lb, 16j) with reduced hold sensitivity.
The kit comprises of the reduced length spring, a fitted TbT guide set with the addition of a pot of Bum-Slide hi moly paste, and a short stroke extension. The short stroke extension fits onto the front of the piston reducing the volume of air being pushed out on firing. This allows the piston to travel faster, over a shorter distance for the same power. Lock time is dramatically reduced along with recoil and hold sensitivity. It is a simple modification that takes less time to fit than it took you to read this.

Short stroke extensions are also available separately.

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