Air Rifle Tuning Kits

Do I need a new spring?

This is the question I’m most often asked, so heres the answer!

If you have an aftermarket spring you will probably find the firing cycle harsh. This is because virtually all aftermarket springs are stiffer than the spring designed to work with your rifle at the UK power limit. Replacing it with a new, genuine spring will improve your gun.

If your spring is the original then you need to test it. To do this, remove the spring from the gun, clean it and roll it on a flat surface. If its straight and your gun is making power then it doesn’t need replacing. I have serviced HW77’s of over 30 years old that have fired many thousands of shots, and the spring has been absolutely fine! If it is bent, kinked or otherwise out of shape it needs replacing.

If you would like a new, genuine Weihrauch spring, just contact me. I can make a full kit bespoke fitted to original springs for less than most aftermarket kits.