TBT .177 Pellet Sizer


Only £19.95 in sizes 4.48-4.52. Please ring or email with your order. Due to high demand stocks of certain sizes are currently low! 0800 77 20 177

Improve your groups and eliminate flyers in the field. Save money by repairing all your damaged pellets!

Our NEW sizers are machined in the UK using high grade Stainless Steel, they will not tarnish, they have less thermal expansion than brass for exact sizing regardless of ambient temperature, and they are so strong they are suitable for NON LEAD pellets, ALLOY pellets and SLUGS as well as standard lead pellets.
In fact they are so tough our stamps won’t work on them! The bags are labelled with the size.

We believe 80% of the benefit comes from having every pellet exactly the same size rather than what that size is. Sizing only works if you use a sizer smaller than your pellet, so we recommend using or 4.50 for .177 and 5.50 for .22.


Please check availability BEFORE ordering. Due to high demand stocks are currently low!

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Additional information


4.48, 4.49, 4.50, 4.51, 4.52, 4.53