Weihrauch HW80 MAXI Tuning Kit


A new range of kits with TbT Premium and Magnum springs
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Please select either a « Full Power » or « Reduced Power » kit below to ensure you get the result you want.The spring supplied in the Full Power kit is the FULL POWER EXPORT SPRING, it is HUGE! You will need a spring compressor to fit it in if you use the full length. It will also be EXTREMELY  powerful! If your country has power limits it is likely you will need to reduce the spring to meet them

The reduced power/ mid-range Maxi Kit comes with a shorter spring that will give usually around 15 ft-lb as standard. While this is not designed to be UK legal without adjustment, it is much easier to rebuild and gives a better starting place for power testing.

Each Kit comprises of spring with fitted delrin spring guide with a top hat, slip washer and 2 preload washers. These kits also come with Lithium based Molybdenum Disulphide grease and abrasive paper as well as instructions for fitting kit and piston sleeve.

This kit may increase power, chrono required! Full instructions on spring shortening available in “Instructions”


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